As you all know by now we do more than just an oil change with every “conventional oil change “ or “regular oil change” . We offer our full service that includes top off the fluids, visual mechanical inspection.

We have changed our opening hours as follows: Monday – Saturday: 8am – 6pm and Sunday:9am – 5pm.

We meet lots of people at the shop. This is a story about one of them.

One day a young kid about 18-20 years old walked to the shop asking for some money. “I run out of gas. I am heading to a soccer game to Palos Verdes. All I need is 5 bucks. I will come back today or tomorrow and give you the money back. Please help me.” You need to understand we are right next to the 405 freeway. We’ve been there done that; landed the money have not seen a dime. First we said no, than I have changed my mind. Why? I do not know. Oh well. I have wasted more than $5.00 in my life. What can I lose? Honestly: I was Curious. Will this kid come back? He did not; not that day, not the next day. Oh well again. I was disappointed for a second but forgot about him until one day I got a phone call. Let me tell you about that day. It was dark. “One of those days” Absolutely NOTHING went right. I was in a “dark” mood. I was not even at the shop. I’ve got a phone call. Somebody wants to talk to you. “Do you remember me? I am the guy who asked for $5.00. I live in… I have my own shop I go to but I came back for an oil change to you and I have your $5.000.” Boy oh boy I was touched. “You have just made my day. THANK YOU” This young gentleman has changed me. He came to my life at the right time. Who gained more? I did. Would you pay $5.00 to somebody to change your view on life in” one of those moments”? Of course!!! Be good and see you at Chevron Fast Lube.