Does it really matter if I skip an oil change?

Your engine will not be damaged for as long as you don’t run out of oil.
Always make sure you check your oil level regularly or find a place like Chevron Fast Lube that will do it for you for FREE and TOP OFF the FLUIDS when it is necessary.
Unfortunately accidents happen. When they do, your insurance company will ask for proof of service; mainly proof of oil change in order to honor warranty on your car. In this case skipping an oil change could matter.
You always should keep records on your services or find a service station that does it for you like Chevron Fast Lube.
Why do I need an oil change at all? Simply: to extend the life of the engine. Engines have many moving parts; the motor oil lubricates, cleans and cools those parts. Take care of your car so your car can take care of you.