Older cars wear down over time just the same as people do. The older a car gets, the
more care it may need. An older car can be an excellent vehicle they just need a little extra
love. A high mileage oil change is an excellent place to start when it comes to caring for your
older vehicle. High mileage typically starts around 75,000 miles. However, high mileage oil can
be beneficial in older vehicles with fewer miles as seals and various items begin to fail over time
regardless of miles. High mileage oil is a special formula that targets the needs of high mileage
vehicles specifically.
High mileage oil helps to reduce oil consumption, smoke, and emissions. This special
type of oil formula also works to minimize leaks and oil seepage. While it wouldn’t be harmful
for a newer vehicle to use high mileage oil, it is simply not necessary. Think of high mileage oil
as a very powerful multivitamin for your vehicle. This blend works to restore worn engine parts
and helps to prevent any further issues. High mileage oil typically contains antioxidants,
detergents, and various additives that work to decrease friction in older vehicles.
It is time to switch to a high mileage oil change if you happen to notice oil stains on the
ground under your parked car. You may also begin to notice oil streaks on your lower engine
parts. Also make a note to switch to high mileage oil if your engine starts to sound a bit louder
than it normally does. If you need assistance with a high mileage oil change our team is here to
help! We look forward to helping you maintain your older vehicle for years to come, keeping it in tip top shape!