We understand it is no ones favorite way to spend a Saturday, waiting to get their oil changed. It is one of life’s necessary evils to keep our engines functioning the way that they should! At Chevron Fast Lube we always offer a fast oil change to make sure we get you in and out as quickly as possible. While we work quickly, we also work efficiently because we understand the value of a proper oil change. Below are some of the most important reasons to keep up on your regular oil changes.
Keeps Your Engine Clean: After time oil will build up with dirt and other particles. It is important to change this out for fresh oil to decrease any unnecessary build up.
Longer Engine Life: Oil gets dirty, this is a simple fact. Whether you like it or not the oil in your vehicle will build up with dirt and other particles and if you do not change it this will decrease the life of your engine.
Protects Other Parts: Changing out the oil will improve the lifetime of other vehicle parts we as well, including the crank shift and the connecting rods.
Better Gas Mileage: The excess build up of dirt and particles causes unwanted friction for the engine. This friction reduces gas mileage and overall engine performance costing you a far greater amount of money over time than a quick oil change!
If we can help you with a fast oil change please feel free to give us a call to schedule your vehicle. We promise to work quickly but never at the cost of performance or an inadequate check-up on your vehicle. We are always here to help you with all of your regular vehicle maintenance needs or to answer any questions you may have.