If you are looking for a quality but cheap synthetic oil change, we are here to help.
What was once only seen in high-performance vehicles is now seen across nearly all brands of
vehicles on the road. Synthetic oil has become more mainstream than ever for its significant
benefits on the long-term impacts on your vehicle’s engine. In 2019 nearly 70% of vehicles on
the road had made the switch to synthetic oil. For example, a Honda Civic can now be seen
using synthetic oil because of its low viscosity which allows it to flow easier and improves the
engine efficiency.oil change
There are many benefits to using synthetic oil. For instance, this type of oil is more
resistant to oil breakdown and will therefore last significantly longer. It can also withstand
hotter and colder temperatures. This allows the engine to run longer and reduces engine wear
in frigid temperatures. There is one major disadvantage to a synthetic oil change, and that is
the cost. Even a cheap synthetic oil change can cost nearly 2-4 times as much as a standard oil
change. Therefore, it is rarely recommended unless the vehicle manufacturer requires it.
There are a few cases where synthetic oil should be used even when it is not required. If
you only make short distance trips your standard oil will never get hot enough to burn off
impurities. These will build up over time and wear down your engine. If you live somewhere
with extremely cold temperatures standard oil will be very difficult on your vehicle. If you have
an older engine that is prove to sludge it can clock the flow of standard oil and cause a
premature engine death. It is important to consider all of these details when deciding on your
next oil change what it the right solution for your vehicle.