We have all been there. Your change oil light goes on, and you put off scheduling an
appointment for far too long. What you really need to do is seek out a cheap oil change near
me, but more often than not we put this chore off for another day. It always seems to never
cause an issue by putting this chore off, but the reality is that waiting to get your oil changed
can actual cause significant issues for your vehicle. First, your smooth clean oil will slowly turn
into dirty sludge. This will force your engine to work harder. Your engine loses lubrication and
decreases heat absorption. This lack of lubrication leaves your vehicle susceptible to major
Waiting to change your oil will actually void your car warranty, particularly if you have a
new vehicle, it is important to stay on top of your regular maintenance so as not to void your
warranty. You do not want to be stuck with a serious issue with your vehicle and without a
warranty. Putting off your oil change can also warp your engine components. Without proper
lubrication the components grind against each other, and it therefore warps the engine. This
can ultimately cause the engine to seize. A lack of oil changes can also cause a blown head
gasket which can lead to replacing the entire engine. In fact, you run the possibility of
completely losing your vehicle if you do not maintain proper oil changes.
If you are in need of a cheap oil change near me, we are here to help. We encourage
you to not wait too long so that we can assist you in properly maintaining your vehicle. If you
have any additional questions about how to maintain your vehicle, we are happy to help.