Properly maintaining your vehicle is very important in order to ensure your
vehicles greatest longevity. A cheap synthetic oil change is a great way tcar maintenanceo make
sure you are maintaining your vehicle on a regularly basis. However, there are more
maintenance needs required than just an oil change. Below are many of the
maintenance needs for each vehicle broken down by mileage. If you have any
specific concerns regarding your vehicle please let us know so that we can be sure to
include them in our inspection.
 Every 3,000 Miles: Make sure that you check all the fluids and tire pressure.
 Every 5,000 Miles: You will want to rotate your tires and make sure that
they are rebalanced. It is also a good idea to have your air filters checked.
 Every 6,000 Miles: Wax the exterior of your vehicle to protect the paint. You
will also want to check the exterior and interior lights as well as the wiper
blades. If you do not check your wiper blades you might find yourself wishing
you had the next time it rains.
 Every 15,000 Miles: Check the brake pads to make sure they are working
 Every 30,000 Miles: This is a big checkpoint for every vehicle. At 30,000
miles you will want to check the radiator coolants, belts and hoses, the air
conditioning, power steering, as well as the tread on the tires.
 Every 50,000 Miles: Check on the transmission fluid.
 Every 60,000 Miles: You will want to repeat everything that took place at
the 30,000 mile mark but also it is likely time to replace the hoses and belts.
 Every 100,000 Miles: If you have been fortunate enough to keep your
vehicle to this milestone it is likely time for new spark plugs and wires. You
will also want to repeat the previous maintenance recommendations.
If we can help you with a cheap synthetic oil change or any other regular
maintenance needs we would be happy to help.