The global pandemic placed a lot of demand of a variety of products that have been
backordered or out of stock for some time. It has become the new societal norm to have to
wait weeks or even months for certain products including couches and vehicles. This should
have vehicle owners thinking about the best way to help maintain their vehicles longer even if
they are still attempting to purchase a new one. Our oil change Torrance facility is onvehiclese of the
best things you can do for your vehicle to help make sure that it will last longer. Even if you
have purchased a new vehicle, you could be left waiting for months before it actually arrives.
You want to make sure that your current vehicle will get you through until then.
The average transaction for a new vehicle is up 14% from 2020 with an average
purchase price of $46,426. The average transaction for a used vehicle was up 29% from the
prior year making it an average purchase price of $30,000. What this should signal to you as a
vehicle owner is that maintaining your existing vehicle holds significant value. If you are in need
of an oil change Torrance, you have come to the right place. We are here to help make sure
that your current vehicle maintains it value and will last as long as possible.
With production picking up and computer chip shortages decreasing there is an
expected decline in vehicle pricing. However, it will be a very mild drop the experts predict. This
is likely due to the increased demand for more expensive vehicles with top safety standards. As
increase in demand continues it is likely that vehicle prices will retain their value. The increase
in production will likely just make it more feasible to actually receive the new vehicle that you
purchased in a timely manner!