Having regular oil changes performed on your vehicle is probably one of the most important maintenance tasks there is. When this is skipped, all kinds of problems can occur to your car. One of these is the formation of “sludge” in the engine. Check out this guide for ways to prevent engine sludge, and save your car!

What is Engine Sludge?

Sludge occurs when the oil in your engine congeals and begins to thicken. This sludge contains a cocktail of oxidized oil and contaminants that be deposited throughout your engine in the form of a thick, tar-like substance. Moreover, engine sludge can be worsened by elements like moisture, oxygen, and unwelcome debris that then find their way into the oil. When sludge accumulates it can begin to infect your engine’s components leading to overheating and the eventual degradation.

Ways to Prevent the Formation of Sludge

  • Regular oil changes: You should have the oil in your engine changed on a regular basis at intervals laid out in your owner’s manual. Of course, you may need to have your oil changed more often than this depending on how often and how you use your vehicle.
  • Don’t ignore your check engine light: Regularly monitor your check engine light. The need to replace your oil is one of the many things that it could be signaling. car engine
  • Check to make sure that you engine is not overheating: This can an early sign that sludge may be forming in your engine. If you do have this problem, then be sure to talk to your mechanic about it.
  • Use the right oil type for your vehicle: Although sludge can form in engines that have either regular or synthetic oil in them, you should be cautious about the oil you do add to your vehicle.
  • Purchase an engine sludge remover: Many people – including some mechanics – swear by engine sludge removers. Engine sludge removers are available at most auto parts stores.

Engine sludge is a very common and costly problem. However, adhering to a regular preventive maintenance schedule, is one key to preventing this engine damaging problem from occurring. At Chevron Fast Lube you can come in for a synthetic oil change which can help extend the life of your vehicle. Our oil change prices are reasonable especially in comparison to the cost of replacing or repairing an engine once it has been damaged by sludge.