A quick and fast oil change is not the only thing your vehicle needs maintenanceing to keep
running smoothly. There are some simple things you can do yourself to simply take pride in
vehicle ownership such as keeping both the inside and the outside of your car neat and tidy. All
too often the inside of your vehicle can resemble the inside of a trashcan. Try not to let this
build up and take care of your vehicle daily. Other maintenance items require a professional
like our fast oil change facility where we can help with all of your vehicle maintenance needs.
1. Clean your windshield: Try and make this a habit every other time you fill up your gas
tank. Cleaning your windshield regularly will help make sure that you have a clear view
on your daily drives. It is also a good idea to give your headlights a quick scrub as well.
The daily wear and tear on a vehicles paint and windows can be very harsh.
2. Check the tire pressure: If you have a newer vehicle you may have noticed that your
vehicle does this all for you. If you have an older vehicle you will want to check the tire
pressure yourself or simply request it be done at an oil change. If you are going to check
the tire pressure yourself make sure that you check the tires when they are “cold”
meaning that you have not been driving them for a long period of time. You want to
check what the recommended PSI is for your vehicle and remember to never go up to
the max PSI.
3. Change air filters: It is a good idea to change your air filters every 12,000 miles so that
the air inside your vehicle remains as clean as possible.
4. Rotate tires: This is another great idea to mention at every oil change that you wish to
have performed. At a minimum try to make sure you are rotating your tires every 5,000
– 10,000 miles to maintain optimal performance.

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