Many people avoid taking their vehicle in for regular service. This is simply because it is inconvenient or can be expensive. Many people worry what else they may find is wrong with their vehicle. However, this is only exacerbating the problem. If you catch any new problems in the early stages they can often be resolved quickly and are cost-effective. If you go too long between oil changes the oil will eventually become sludge and no longer draw heat from the engine. This can cause the engine to over heat and either blow a gasket or seize up. All of this could have been avoided with a simple and regular oil change. There is no need to avoid oil changes so long that they become this large of an issue. 

Here at Chevron Fast Lube we offer full-service oil change services to keep you vehicle in tip top condition. We understand this may be the only time that you bring your vehicle in for service and we want to make sure that we fully review everything quickly and efficiently for you. Our full-service oil change services will include checking if your tires need rotating, new oil filters, and lubrication of chassis components. We will also check on various other service updates recommended by the manufacturer based on your vehicles age and mileage as well as what other recent services that you have already had completed. 

As always, if you have any concerns with your vehicle, please make us aware of them. We can review what may be causing the issue and help you prevent an even greater issue if it is caught early on. If you need help scheduling your next full service oil change please give us a call today. We’re always happy to help!

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