Oil changes are super important for keeping your car in happy functioning order. You need to make sure you check your oil regularly and make sure you change it in a timely manner when necessary. Good, clean oil is key to your car’s functioning properly.

“Check Oil” or “Check Engine” Light’s On

One of the most obvious ways to know when it’s time to change your oil is the “check oil” light found on the dashboard of your car. This will tell you if your oil is running low. Some cars only have a “check engine” light, though, which is set up based on mileage. It’s important to change your oil after specific mileage, usually about every 3,000 miles is recommended, for your car to run in its best possible working order. Make sure you’re not ignoring these lights.

It’s been Longer than Six Months

You really should change your oil at least twice a year, if not more frequently than that. Even if you barely use your car, it’s still important to change the oil every six months to maintain it’s condition. The oil in your engine will degrade with time, so it’s important to keep up with this and to check the oil from time to time to make sure you don’t need to change it sooner.

Discolored Oil

If you check your oil and it’s not a golden brown color (similar to that of honey), then it’s not clean. If it appears darker, like black or a dark brown, it’s time to change it. That oil has filtered out some gross stuff from your engine; it has done its job and it’s time to change it out for newer, cleaner oil.

Grinding Sounds

Anytime you hear a grinding sound coming from your car, it’s not a good sign. In this particular situation, though, oil is the culprit. Lack of oil can lead to increased friction. Without proper lubrication on areas prone to friction, the metal grinds together audibly. It the car starts shaking, though, it’s extremely important that you go get the oil changed immediately.

Why you should you change it immediately

Waiting to change the oil in your car can be super damaging to your engine. You could be running low, creating friction where there really shouldn’t be any, and putting your engine in danger. Oil also gathers up contaminants the longer it sits, so it’s best to keep clean fresh oil in your car. While changing the oil too frequently isn’t necessarily damaging to the vehicle, it is a waste of money. You should change it as frequently as the mechanic recommends (usually between 3,000 and 3,500 miles) to avoid problems and wasting money.

Maintaining your car is necessary to keep it in high working order. Part of that regular maintenance involves checking and changing your oil, something that should be done regularly to avoid risk to your engine. Now you can feel confident in when to check your engine to make sure your car is in the best condition in which it can be.

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