Full Service Oil Change

It’s all too easy to forget to carry out regular oil changes on your vehicle. After all, it works perfectly well without them right?

Wrong. Not getting the oil changed on your car can have a disastrous (and costly) effect on your engine in the long run. And chances are, regardless of what the dipstick tells you, if the oil in your car is a grim black colour, it’s ready to be replaced.

If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in an oil change or not, read out top 5 reasons as to why it’s important.

1. Oil lubricates the engine

A car engine is made up of many moving parts. And when you are driving, they move quickly. Having the right amount of lubrication allows this movement to happen much more smoothly and prevents the parts from creating as much friction.

2. It keeps the engine cool

This friction we talked about build up heat which could result in the engine overheating. Thus, keeping the engine well lubricated with frequent oil changes keeps the temperature down.

3. Regular changes get rid of engine-killing particles

Over time, oil accumulates dirt and sludge. And this can cause lasting damage to the parts of an engine. Not only can the particles damage the engine, but they cause the oil to become less of a lubricant. Meaning after a time, even if the amount of oil remains at the optimal level, it is no longer lubricating the engine.

4. It can save you money

If you think you’re saving cash by not getting your oil changed then think again. First, keeping the engine well lubricated protects its parts. That means you will be spending less on auto repair bills.

Second, engines that lack lubrication use up more fuel. And so getting an oil change regularly will result in less money being spent on filling your tank.

5. Keeping a well-maintained vehicle improves its lifespan

The more you do to protect your vehicle, the healthier it will be. The healthier it is, the longer it will last. Just like going to the dentist for regular check-ups prevents you from needing extensive dental work done.

It’s difficult to know exactly how frequently your oil will need to be changed. It is dependent on a few different factors, including the type of car you drive. But generally, if you spend a lot of time in your car with the engine running, it will need to be done more often.

Now that you have five good reasons to ensure your vehicle gets a regular oil change, what are you waiting for?

With the number of affordable fast oil change experts out there ready to do the job for you, there’s really no excuse not to keep on top of it.

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