Now when you go to the pump, all we are seeing now is high gas prices! It has now become more of an everyday occurrence than a surprise or shock; it is for this reason that fuel efficiency has become one of the most important issues for both car companies and consumers. Getting a new vehicle, or optimizing your current car, is integral to get better mileage.

Commercials, marketing campaigns and even government proposals all revolve around the idea of increasing fuel efficiency, but for many the question still arises, “what exactly is fuel efficiency and how does it work?”

Fuel efficiency is basically getting the most out of your car for every gallon of gas that you put in. There are a lot of terms that float around in reference to fuel efficiency, the most common for Americans being Miles per gallon (MPG). In the United States fuel efficiency is broken down into three categories, highway MPG, city MPG and combined MPG. With less frequent stopping and acceleration on the freeway, highway miles per gallon are usually significantly greater than that of the city. It is for this reason that the combined MPG is presented; it gives a more accurate presentation of fuel efficiency to consumers. Understanding fuel efficiency allows one to see which cars are truly fuel efficient and which are gas guzzling and wasteful.

For Torrance residents, fuel efficiency has to be a topic of discussion when you get your oil change, which basically tunes and sets up your vehicle for better mileage.  At Chevron Fast Lube, we are experts at tuning up and engaging your vehicle with the best fuel efficiency tools and methods in the market! Please contact us today for more information. We offer specials and discounts so you can both experience better mileage at a better price.

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