Regular vehicle maintenance is a must to keep your car performing the way you want. Besides, you don’t want to spend all that money on such a nice piece of machinery and it fall into disrepair merely because you didn’t maintain it. Tuning up your car can be a super easy skill to learn and can save you tons of money on labor in the long run.


Filters are fairly easy to maintain. Air filters are easier to replace than oil filters, but both get clogged from time to time and require maintenance. Your manual should inform you of where to find these filters. If they are darkly colored or gross-looking, it’s time for a change. Places like AutoZone can help to show you how to replace these if you’re looking to avoid a mechanic.


The belts have a tendency to crack and show other wear with age, so it’s important to check them every time your tuning up your car. Your manual should have a guide for how to replace these, but, if not, you can find free repair guides online. You should check the belt for fluid contamination, fraying, cracks, and glazing which could all lead the belts to fall into disrepair by slipping or breaking.


As mentioned in previous articles, it’s important to change your oil regularly to ensure the right amount of lubrication for your engine. Excess friction can lead to grinding and the potential breakdown of your engine. Coolant is important to ensure your engine’s functionality in all temperatures. You will need to read the instructions on your coolant so that you’re sure you mix the right amount of water with the coolant. You should also change your brake fluid every two years.

Wipers and lights

They may seem like aesthetics, but your vehicle’s wipers and headlights are crucial to your visibility and safety as a driver. If you don’t replace your wipers as needed, they’ll leave streaks across your windshield when it rains, making it even harder to see. If you don’t keep your headlights clean and functioning, other driver’s won’t be able to see you. These are fairly easy and cheap things to maintain, but are extremely crucial in your safety as a driver. Don’t neglect them merely because they seem aesthetic.

Tuning up your car is not only wise to protect your investment, but also a safety precaution. You wouldn’t want your car to fall into disrepair while you were on the interstate. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to lose visibility during a storm. Maintaining your car is important, simple, and affordable.