The average regular gas price in the USA is $3.60. In Torrance:$4.05, Redondo Beach:$4.12, Lawndale:$4.08, Hawthorne:$4.03Gardena:$4.06, Inglewood:$4.05. It hurts. I will think twice before I hop into my car and go somewhere; however we all live on four wheels. What’s the solution?

  •  Do the factory recommended car maintenance regularly
  •  Carpool
  • Take public transportation
  • Walk, Bike
  • Marry to a Saud Arabian prince/princess

For me the most realistic would be to do the factory recommended car maintenance regularly, especially: oil change, fuel injection service, Tune-Up for gas saving purposes.  I know they cost money, so let’s budget. On a long run it is cheaper to take care of the car than dealing with the consequences. Trust me we saw it all.

I am too busy

I do not have the money to do it

In many cases unfortunately the end results are broken down cars: costing tons of money to fix the damages.  Let us help you to prevent some problems. We can check out your car for FREE. We can top off the fluids for FREE. We can do brake inspection for FREE. We check the tire pressure for FREE. The existing technology with the regular car maintenance could easily let you use your car until you get seriously sick and tire of it. I mean 250,000 Miles and more. Easily.

What is the single most important thing in car maintenance? OIL CHANGE and OIL CHANGE and OIL CHANGE. Check the oil level REGULARLY!!! Or stop by so we can check it for you. It is for FREE. Make it a habit. This is the single best money saving tip I can give you. Do we have oil change coupons? Yes.  Visit our website @

Let’s be good to ourselves, to each other and to our cars…Have a Fantastic Day. Let’s be kind to each other let’s make our world a better place. PEACE TO ALL OF US!!!