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Every gadget, machine or device that is in constant use needs maintenance. So does your automobile whether it is a car, truck, two-wheeler or any other. There is a usual wear and tear when it is on the run. This has to be taken care of otherwise the automobile may wear out completely and you will left with some rubble which may be a junk dealers delight.

You need to take some steps to maintain your car and keep it in good condition. If you take these steps the life of your car will increase manifold. It will be in such good condition that it will become the envy of the town. Everyone will talk about how your car looks as good as new even if it running on the roads from so many years.

Even you will forget when you bought it and started driving it on the roads if you keep it in good condition.

The following steps are necessary to keep your car in tip top condition; These steps can be followed by anyone who owns an automobile:

  1. You need to often clean the car from inside and the outside. At least once a month.
  2. Make sure the interiors of the car or your automobile are spic and span; this may increase the resale value.
  3. Whatever oil you use, try to change it after you drive some 5000 miles or a little more. Using a good brand is the best policy.
  4. After every 25000 miles or so please replace your brake pads. It can be done a little sooner if you see they are wearing down too.
  5. Every month check the tire pressure of the automobile. Then rotate the tires after running 7500 miles.
  6. Have antifreeze so that the temperature of the engine of the automobile balanced.
  7. Have a check of the spark plugs often; Your car will be safe.
  8. After every 30000 miles change the air filter. This can be done every year too.
  9. Keep your mirrors in good condition. It will help avoid accidents and you can drive safely.
  10. If the headlights are bad they should be changed to keep your automobile safe.
  11. Your car should be guarded against water so get some rain protection gear for your windows.
  12. Take some steps to make sure it is ready for the cold weather
  13. When you get your car maintenance done keep the bills and it may come in handy if you use some other service provider.
  14. If any birds crap on your car always clean it as soon as possible.
  15. Have some add on gadgets on your car to keep it safe from theft and damage.
  16. Store your car in a safe place and cover it well if you are not going to use it for a while.
  17. It is advisable to keep the bottom of your automobile especially clean. Place some good mats on the floor.
  18. Use window shade so that the car gets prevented from damage.
  19. Always ask an expert about car and automobile maintenance and try following the tips judiciously.
  20. It is good to keep track of the replacement of the parts. So that you do not get into some tight spot because of a car or automobile breakdown.

Following these tips will always keep your automobile in good condition.

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