Having the vehicle going through maintenance is very much necessary to keep it functioning as fluid as it can be. Money is important and spending on upkeep can be a hassle, but that’s it is when it comes to preventing it from disrepair because there was a lack of awareness to maintain it. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. Having the car tuned up is really easy to understand and means long-term savings in money invested in the vehicle.


First, let’s look at the filters, one the easiest parts of the car to upkeep. Air filters and oil filters get congested quite often and require constant maintenance. If the filters are darkened, change it. Note what type of filter made for the car specifically is needed and buy them in stores like AutoZone and Advanced Motor Parts. Next, come the belts, as they can easily start to tear and wear.Check them once a month to see if there are signs of damage such as fluid contamination, tattering along the edges, and erosion that can lead the belts to sever. Research on how to replace them; again, it’s fairly easy.

Oil Change

This next one is something that has been repeated many, many times that is emphasized heavily: changing the oil. It’s important to do this often – after 3,000 miles or every six months – to have the exact amount of lubrication for the engine. Without the lubrication, friction forms inside the engine that can cause grinding with the parts, leading to engine failure. Then, there is keeping the engine cool at all times to prevent overheating via the coolant. This is to make sure that the engine remains functional at any temperature given. Have the right amount of water in it, as well as plenty of brake fluid, which should be drained and refilled every two years.

Wipers are Important

The next topic is allowing the driver to see perfectly through the windshield, front and back. Having proper wipers that does not cause streaks and the rubber ends tear off keeps stability in vision when driving in the rain. The same goes with the car’s headlights, as they must shine thoroughly in the dark, as it is vital to being safe while driving. Without them, nobody we see the vehicle and the driver won’t see what’s on the road, leading possibly to deadly consequences. They are very tedious, yet very important in the maintaining the safety of driving the car. They cannot be ignored simply because it looks so trivial on the car.

Having a tune-up is necessary to the car’s long-term usage. Car owners cannot risk their vehicle falling into disrepair while driving because of derelict duty to the brakes, headlights, or engine. It can come into play at any time, whether in use or not. Maintaining the car is like taking car of a child. It is important and simple to do – and it does require the owner breaking the bank to keep it 100% functional.