We get our cars/trucks serviced, and then we stash the report or receipt in the glove compartment along with our insurance, registration, napkins, travel wipes, hand sanitizer, kids’ toys, and who know what else fits in there. So when it’s time to take your vehicle into get serviced we forget when went in the last time, the oil change sticker came off, or we can’t find the papers.

Its important to keep these records on file because they save you time and grief down the road. That is why when you come into Chevron Fast Lube for maintenance and repair we input your information into our state of the art software system. Our system keeps a record of the services Chevron Fast Lube performs on our customers’ vehicles, so your service records are all in one place. This means if any of our customers loses their records we are able to look them up.

salesman_000015147331_620x350-300x169We then are able to view the descriptions of the services performed or quickly add notes to remember important comments. Our recommendations on preventative maintenance are based on factory recommendations. Proper record keeping  helps maintain your service history in line and up to date. As a result this helps improve your vehicle’s safety and reliability, because you are able to anticipate your vehicle’s maintenance needs.

Chevron Fast Lube’s state of the art software system maintenance and repair records are safe and accessible. Most importantly it is convenient for car owners in the South Bay area. It is simple, and FREE!

Chevron Fast Lube is a dealer alternative. We are more than just a fast oil change place. We do fast mechanical repairs EVERY DAY that means Sundays too!