With as many drivers as there are in California, not a lot of people know the basics of getting an oil change for their car. It’s important to do as much research into the vehicle you own as it is to know the type of work needed for it such as oil change, fuel efficiency, brake service, and more.

Go local/small

Smaller shops tend to be at the mercy of their clients for their business. If a customer is unhappy, they could take to the internet with a bad review and effectively sink the local place’s business. Corporations don’t have to worry about this as much because their reputation tends to proceed them. Nevertheless, always check the reviews of where you’re going so you’re fully prepared for what you might come across.

Learn about your car

Read your manual and find out what fluids, break pads, etc. they recommend. Then, take to the internet and research any cheaper alternatives you may use. This way, if someone tries to pull something similar to the example mentioned above, you can confidently tell them they’re wrong.

Shop around

If you think your mechanic might be ripping you off, investigate. Call around to local shops and see what they charge for the same services. You might find they’re ripping you off, in which case, go to the cheapest shop available. But, you may find they’re the cheapest one out there and that’s just what the service cost. Whatever the case, do your research before settling on a price you are not comfortable with.

Getting your oil change can seem daunting or expensive if you’re inexperienced, but if you do your research, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you sound confident and know what you’re talking about, you won’t be taken advantage of and you’ll get the best price. Above all, the best way to save money in this respect is to do it yourself, but that isn’t always possible. Bare minimum, check your oil regularly so you aren’t going in too frequently and wasting your money and so your car doesn’t surprisingly breakdown on you.