The Environmental Protection Agency has spent years drilling into the public’s mind the message that it is a horrible idea to pour used motor oil down the drain. This is because oil makes its way into the ecosystem and can cause havoc for us humans and our friends in the animal world. But what can you do with old motor oil that is no longer fit for your engine? As it so happens you can do quite a lot. Here are 5 ways to reuse motor oil.

  • Use it to lubricate tools and mechanical devices: DIYers can filter used motor oil and use it as a lubricant. Used motor oil can even be used to help loosen rusted or frozen bolts that will not budge. Simply filter it and store it in your garage until it is needed. 
  • Mix with Creosote to weatherize wood: You can provide an old wood surface such as an outdoor fence with extra protection against the elements by mixing creosote with filtered motor oil and applying it gently with a paint brush. Moreover, used motor oil can give your wood surfaces a certain glossy shine they would not otherwise have. 
  • Soften and clean leather goods: You can restore the luster of old leather goods by applying used motor oil to the surface. This works particularly well with old, leather boots that are starting to crack and fade. Simply apply a little oil to your boots and remove the excess with a soft rag or towel. 
  • Use it to create heat: When used with care, used motor oil can be perfect for fueling small fires. Warning: Only do this outdoors under controlled conditions.
  • Protect wood from insects and animals: Insects and animals can wreak havoc on outdoor wood surfaces such as fences, benches, tables, etc. You can repurpose used motor oil by applying it to these surfaces. Used oil protects these kinds of surfaces by leaving a bad taste in the mouths of critters that will begin to shy away from those objects you have coated.

As you can see there are many ways used oil can be repurposed. By reusing motor oil you will be preventing it from re-entering our ecosystem which is already under a great deal of stress. If you are due for oil change service, we have experts who can do this and diagnose many parts of your car. We can also check your transmission fluid while we provide synthetic oil to your car. Bring your car into the experts at your nearest Chevron Fast Lube.