The impacts of COVID19 have been felt across every industry for the last two
years with little end in sight for some. Delays, shortages, lack of staff, etc. are just a
few of the things to impact the world when it comes to businesses and COVID19.
The vehicle industry is no different. In fact, if you want a new car, you better get in
line – a very long line. At this point in time it is not uncommon to over pay or travel
long distances to track down the car you have been wanting. This reality is far from
normal and hard for most to wrap their heads around. Due to these prolonged
impacts, many are choosing to keep their existing vehicles for far longer than they
originally intended. The best way to ensure that your older vehicle stays in tiptop
shape is to take it in for regular maintenance and oil changes. If you need an oil
change Torrance we would be happy to help.
Vehicles are sitting unfinished due to the global computer microchip
shortage in which manufacturers are unable to fulfill orders. In fact, manufacturers
have had to close plants for lack of parts thereby leaving the public with far fewer
vehicles than normal. Another factor contributing to the increased demand for new
vehicles is the public’s decreased desire for public tautomotiveransportation also due to the
impacts of COVID19. Less people than ever are travelling on buses, in cabs, trains,
etc. for fear of being exposed to COVID.
If you need an oil change Torrance we would be happy to help keep your
vehicle in the best shape possible. In addition to changing your oil we’d also be
happy to help offer regular maintenance suggestions and upkeep as needed. We
have the ability to completely service your vehicle should you need additional