If you are trying to decide if you need to start giving your car a high mileage oil change then this is the post for you. We will be talking about what determines if a car needs to get this type of oil change as well as the benefits it has for your vehicle. 


Any car that has above 75,000 miles and that is post 1990 should ideally be receiving a high mileage oil change. Assuming you have been keeping up with regular oil changes throughout the lifespan of your car, the transition should be relatively simple. It may cost a few more dollars, but having this service greatly increases the likelihood of your engine lasting longer. 


The main difference between high mileage oil and the standard oil comes in the “ingredients” that are in it. Think of high mileage oil like a multivitamin for your car since it repairs what is already there while also boosting areas that need help. The most important ‘ingredient’ is the seal conditioner. In the inner workings of your car, there are various seals that are keeping everything tight and together. If you have ever experienced a leak on your driveway, it is most likely due to one of those seals coming apart. What the conditioner does is reinforce the existing seal, preventing further problems. 


Your engine is the ultimate winner in this situation. This type of oil change has 3 main benefits that your engine will thank you for. First, it reduces the oil consumption thanks to fixing the seals that we talked about in the last paragraph. It also protects your car from more damage. Your car has gone around the block a few times and will naturally start to get worn down. Having the thicker oil helps keep everything running smoothly. The viscosity of the oil itself also breaks down any residual build up that may have accumulated inside the engine. 


To keep your car running for years to come, talk to your technician about a high mileage oil change. Our service center in Torrance, CA will provide you and your car with the expert care and service you need. We offer many different services and are also able to provide you with a fast oil change to get you back on the road safely.