Human beings need food to be alive. They don’t just need food, but a hygienic food. Similarly a car needs oil and a much refined oil, which is perfect for the car. You have to keep checking the oil of your car in order to make sure that it is clean and it is not harmful for your car. Here are some of the signs which indicate that your car needs an oil change.

Is your car irregular sounds?

If you have felt that your car engine sound is different than usual then it is a sign to change your car oil. The change in the car sound occurs when there is a need to change the oil. The sounds get louder than usual and creates a havoc if not been taken care of. Lubricants help the engine in working. If there is a lack of oil or lubricants it will create gurgling sounds which is not good for the health of the car. So, change it when you feel the slight difference.

Is the oil color different?

Another sign of changing the oil is change in the oil color. If the oil is dirty and not as clean as it should be then it is the time to change the oil. When you first put the oil in the engine it is of amber color, but after sometime it changes its color because of the particles which stay up in it. Apparently, you cannot really see the difference in the oil. You have to check it on your own after every month. You can do it at home too by removing the dipstick. If the oil is dark and thick and sticky. It is the time to change it. Get a professional help and get it changed.

Does the cabin smell strange?

The third sign which tells you to change the oil is the smell coming from the cabin. If you smell the stale smell then what are you waiting for. This is a huge signal that your car needs some new oil. What this smell indicate is that the oil inside is burning and this burning creates heat resultantly, creates a smell. The overheating can create a lot of problems in your car. For example, if your engine is over heated it will stop working and might be a bigger problem than ever. So, whenever you can feel that smell. Take your car for a nice change and get that old oil out of it and leave the space for the new oil.

Is your car leaking oil?

An oil leakage is another reason which can give birth to many other problems. When you own a car, it is highly recommended that you keep an eagle eye on that. You have to act like a pro and keep looking the problems and their solutions if you see any. Because of the oil leakage, a smoke starts getting emitted which is a problem. The emission of smoke indicates the oil leakage and reminds that you need to change your oil.

Constant oil change can make your car live longer so take care of it.

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