Do you know what the foremost reason of mechanical breakdowns in cars is? In over 90% of the cases, the engine heats up beyond the maximum limit and isn’t able to handle further pressure. As a result, your car breaks down and you are left stranded, particularly if you are driving on the highway. The radiator of your car is the part most responsible for managing the heating up of your engine and keeping it under a certain level. More often than not, the radiator is not performing optimally if the engine overheats. Hence, this calls for a radiator service.

A smooth running radiator is crucial not just to keep your car from overheating but also keeping it running in top shape the whole year round. If your engine is heating up even if don’t travel over a long distance, it could indicate that the radiator fluid is below the prescribed level and needs to be topped off. During the summers, this problem can exacerbate. The scorching heat of the sun combined with the car’s internal heat has a devastating impact on the engine. You could be left with a bill running into hundreds of dollars or your car may need a complete engine overhaul.

More significantly, the life of your car’s radiator depends much on how well you have it maintained. Radiators have a limited useful life and if you don’t take proper care, rust and corrosion would set in. Not only will they impact performance but also reduce the life of the radiator. If you want to keep your car’s cooling system in perfect working order for a number of years to come, now is the time to have it serviced and brought up to speed.

Also, with regular service, you can minimize the risk of the radiator failing to do its job. Once the cooling system of your car breaks down, the engine will heat up and the car will stall. Repairs for the radiator are generally expensive and can set you back a few hundred dollars. Moreover, it isn’t a great feeling to have your car break down in the middle of a trip.

Even if you take your car for a spin around the block, the parts in the engine will produce some serious friction. This leads to heat building up under the hood. The engine needs to be warmed up to work perfectly but that doesn’t mean it should be scorching hot. This is where the cooling parts of the engine come into play, foremost among them being the radiator. The radiator releases coolant into the engine to cool it down and keep the temperature at a manageable level.

So, it is imperative that you get your car’s radiator serviced before the summer heat reaches its peak. Bring your car into Chevron Fast Lube and we will service your radiator for you. We are oil change experts and have the necessary tools and personnel for radiator maintenance. We will get your radiator set for a long, hot summer, so that you don’t face the risk of your car breaking down. Even if you feel your radiator is in top condition, getting it check couldn’t hurt. What if the coolant levels are low?

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