brakes_01You’re driving along and you slowly start to hit the brakes because there’s a stop ahead. Ssscccrrrr… That screeching sounds means it’s time you check your brakes. The brake pads or shoes have worn down, and are signaling that you to get them replaced.

Replacing the brakes pads or shoes as soon as you hear the grinding and screeching sound will cost you a few dollars, but it will save you few hundred dollars in repair costs. Driving around with reduced brake shoes causes severe damages. This is no cheap fix.

Regular brake inspections are necessary. Other things to watch out for are:

  • Brake or ABS warning light comes on
  • Grinding sound when you’re braking.
  • Brake fluid leaking, low or dirty
  • Brakes that cause your wheels to heat up or start smoking.

We will check your brakes when you stop by Chevron Fast Lube for an oil change. Our team will evaluate and determine which service you need.