No matter what type of vehicle you drive or what your driving habits are, it is important to know how to prevent engine sludge. This common problem can cause many problems ranging from minor inconveniences to major engine failure. Check out our “game plan” for preventing engine oil deposits while at the same time extending the life of your car.

  • Make sure you are using the right grade of oil: The wrong fuel and/or oil can create all sorts of problems for your engine. This includes a buildup of sludge which is damaging to your engine. Your owner’s manual can provide you with the correct type and grade of oil you should be using as can our friendly technicians. 
  • Change your oil and oil filter on a regular basis: The formation of engine sludge is closely related to how often you change your oil. To be safe, change your oil at the increments suggested in your owner’s manual otherwise you may be shortening the life of your vehicle and/or impairing its performance. 
  • Watch your driving habits: Short, stop and go commutes are very hard on your engine. They can lead to the build of oil deposits and are wasteful in terms of gas usage. If you live relatively close to school or work, consider walking once in a while.
  • Know your car’s history: Some cars are more susceptible to accumulating engine sludge than others. In particular, cars made before 2000 may be more vulnerable to this phenomenon. If you are considering purchasing a used car, be sure to ask the previous owner for the vehicle’s oil change history. Moreover, compare this data with how often the manufacturer recommended the oil be changed. This will let you know whether you can expect oil deposit problems down the road. 
  • Visit your mechanic: A good mechanic can detect oil deposit problems using a series of tests. He/she can also give you recommendations for keeping your oil and your engine clean.

Finally, engine sludge is as common a problem as it can be costly. However, proper maintenance is the most important key to preventing engine oil deposits from impairing your car’s performance. We can help by giving you a synthetic oil change that is fast and complete and will have you back out on the road in no time. Furthermore, our oil change prices are reasonable especially when compared to the cost of a major engine overhaul.