When it comes to automobile maintenance, this standard rule applies: The sooner a small issue can be addressed the less likely an owner will be to face a larger problem or perhaps even a breakdown in the future. Thus, the importance of maintaining proper transmission fluid levels, for example, cannot be overstated. Read on to discover the four most telling signs of low transmission fluid.

  • Transmission Fluid on Garage Floor or Driveway: As obvious as this sign is, it is still often overlooked by car owners. Small puddles that are either red or brown in color could mean that you are leaking transmission fluid. Moreover, leaks in your transmission system could be caused by a failed gasket, loose drain plug or even a damaged pan. Whatever the cause of your leak may be, it should never been ignored as the following issues could lead to serious problems down the road.
  • Transmission Slipping: When transmission fluid is low it becomes difficult for your car’s gears to properly engage. This is a phenomenon called transmission slippage. Transmission slipping is just one of most common symptoms of a faulty transmission system caused by low transmission fluid.
  • Strange Noises: For the most part your transmission system should be relatively noiseless. However, a problem like a loose transmission torque converter can lead to rhythmic pounding noise. If you hear this noise or a grinding clatter or are experiencing hard or erratic shifts, then you should definitely schedule an appointment with us. We can address these issues during your regular oil change service.
  • Overheated Transmission: If your transmission is overheated then it could mean that you lack transmission fluid as this helps cool your system down. Moreover, if this issue is not addressed promptly then your transmission could face serious internal damage in the future.

Transmission Fluid Color Guide

Ideally, transmission fluid should be a clear, red color. Below are some other colors your fluid may be and what these colors may indicate.

  • Dark brown opaque: This means that your fluid is old and dirty and should be changed soon.
  • Very dark brown or black: This indicates that your fluid is old, dirty and oxidized. At this point you should have a fluid/filter change or flush.transmission
  • Lite pinkish: This color indicates that your transmission fluid may be contaminated by water or coolant. At this point you may need to either rebuild or replace your transmission.

In conclusion, transmission repairs, rebuilds and replacements are expensive depending on the amount of damage. This damage can often be predicted by paying attention to the above signs. We can check your transmission fluid as we provide synthetic oil to your car. Bring your car into the experts at your nearest Chevron Fast Lube before your leak turns into a costly repair.